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The Forest Beckons
The myriad of sounds in the forest eased Ran’s mind, the gentle feeling of the grass between their toes was nostalgic.  It had been long since they had been so comforted, during the year this journey had taken them so far from home, and it was not an easy one.  They had made many friends on this journey but enemies as well.  
Their travels saw them grow, as well as leave the island they called home behind, an island many had never even heard of.  Despite being in a land they had never before set foot before they started this journey, they felt at ease, the forest reminding them of the lush forests back home at the base of the mountain.  As they strolled through the forest, their shoes hanging over their shoulders, they thought of their home, long left behind.
Despite the size of the forest they had chosen to take their time, bidding farewell to the friends that had travelled with them so they could spend some time alone.  They had
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Words Needed (an unedited story)
“So this is what ya been doin,” light filled the room as a shadow stretched from the doorway, “Jus hidin out in your room huh.”
“What are you doing here?!” a kid turned to face the figure in the doorway.
“Your mom asked me to come over…” the person standing in the doorway walked to a chair and sat down, the long coat they wore brushing the ground as they crossed the room, “I wasn goin to at first, but she wanted me to talk to you.  She’s worried about ya.”
“WELL I DON’T WANNA TALK TO YOU!” the kid threw a cup at the other person who barely caught it before it made contact with their face.
“So… you do blame me.” The person sighed as they set the cup down, “I thought as much.”
“BLAME YOU!” the kid growled as they grabbed a tonfa from beside their bed, “I HATE YOU!  YOU WERE HIS FRIEND!”
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An Unfortunate Reveal (unedited story)
“Hey sis!” a voice yelled out as the door creaked open, “I need to borr…” the voice stopped abruptly as the owner of said voice stared through the open doorway to what was before her.  “Okay… whats going on here, why do the two of you look so guilty and why is he hiding under your covers like that?” she rubbed her forehead a bit, “Well?”
“Can you give us a moment?” the younger girl sighed as she looked back and forth between her sister and the one attempting to cover everything below the neck with a blanket.
“Oh great… you two were having sex weren’t you?” the older girl let out a heavy sigh, “at least tell me you’re using protection.”
“We weren’t having sex!” the younger girl snapped back, “why is that the first thing you jump to?!”
“What else could you be doing that requires him to be hiding his body lik
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The End before the Beginning
Glass shattered as the lights burst, energy surging more than the old bulbs could withstand.  Pressed against the wall Meade attempted to calm down, there was no way they could win.  With a deep breath he tried to focus using the techniques Arieh had taught them.  It was hard to concentrate past the pain.  They were positive a few of their ribs were broken and the blood and bone was a sure sign that they had shattered their fist.  They needed to put themselves past the physical or Shel would win.  ‘Still not good enough huh…’ Tatum’s voice echoed in their head, ‘maybe Arieh was wrong in choosing you.  Maybe the real conduit should’ve been me.’
Meade shook their head, they couldn’t think that way.  They needed to have faith that the herald had chosen right.  ‘Focus’ their mind going blank as they tried to think only of their connection to the akashic.
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After the first day (an unedited story)
The august sun beat down on the youth walking across the large empty lot.  A normal sight save the fact that the youth walked with a cane and a small limp.  The first day of high school had been harsh and all the wanted to do was get home.  Home from the numerous insults that had been slung at them throughout the day, and not just because of the cane.  In fact mostly it was because they were shorter than everyone and in several higher grade classes everyone assumed they were younger and had been skipped ahead grades, even though they weren’t.
“Oi, kid,” a voice came from behind as they heard several footsteps coming up from behind them, “what do you think you were doin in class making me look like a fool?”
“So your sayin yah didn need help lookin like a fool?” the shorter teen tried to sound nonchalant as several larger teens surrounded them.
“You think you’re some kinda wise guy don’t
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A Beautiful Sky (Unedited Story)
“The sky is beautiful tonight,” the teen looked up at the sky before looking down, “Tonight was a good last memory.” They smiled tears running down their cheek as they climbed up on the ledge, their thoughts on the arcade they had been at earlier, all their friends still down below playing games not knowing what was about to happen.  “I hope they all live good lives.”
With a deep breath the young adult closed their eyes, spread their arms, and leaned forward to fall off the building, accepting of what was to come.  As they felt their feet finally leave the top of the parking structure, they awaited the end that was about to come.
Almost as soon as they no longer felt the roof beneath them they felt something grabbing them, yanking them backwards with tremendous force.  Their body being dragged back up onto the roof and something collapsing next to them.  Slowly opening their eyes, the teen saw a girl, one they knew,
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